Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Two Little Families

I had a session with Dianna and her son, Nathan 4 or 5 months ago and he was such a doll! He is adorable and sweet as can be! I had planned on doing her sister's (Jessica) maternity but when little Ryan came a few months early, that just didn't happen. So we did a combined family photo shoot of Dianna and her little family and Jessica and her little family. It was a lot of fun.

These boys are just adorable and we have another outdoor shoot planned this summer when Nathan is 1 and Ryan is 6 months and I cannot wait!!!!

This is Dianna and Nathan at our first session and then our session a few days ago. I love seeing the difference.

How cute are they???

And meet Ryan! He is adorable and precious and a miracle! After being born months early, he is now 3 months and a strong, healthy baby who is fighter and a blessing.

I thoroughly enjoyed these two families and can't wait for our next session this summer.

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