Friday, August 31, 2012

Two Little Explorers

Matthan is 6 months

Oh that smile. My baby boy sure knows how to light up a room. 
His smile... its something else. His eyes twinkle. 
When Matthan smiles, the world smiles. Its a beautiful thing

And then there were 2

Its been Levi for so long. All about Levi. Every day, Levi. Everything in our life revolved around Levi. And then.... there was Little Bean (what we called Matthan while in my belly) and we transitioned our thinking into Levi AND another little person. I have to say, Levi took is so well. He sang to my belly every day. Yes, every day. He asked to be at the birth and he sat there (and played on the Ipad) while I labored at home for 55 hours. He held my hand while I was in the birthing tub. He watched Matthan come out and sang when we first held him in our arms. 
And then.... there were two. It was no longer just Levi. 
It was Levi and Matthan.
And this is summer as a mom of two, Im loving it. 

A "just because I love you" session

Who says you have to be engaged or married to get photos together? This couple was so so fun to work with. Not to mention they are absolutely adorable and SO photogenic. Needless to say, we had lots of fun and got LOTS of photos. 

Matthan Ezekiel Jude

Stick with me while I get caught up

The last year has been pretty crazy and we have been through a lot of changes. I stopped doing photography, gave birth to my second son Matthan (my HBAC story), we moved into a new place and Ive started getting back into photography a little more.

My business is still up in the air. I prefer being just a stay at home mom and wife. That is my passion and what I love to do. However, I do miss photography. IF I start again, things will be very very different and Im not sure if it'll actually happen. However, it IS a possibility.

So, with that being said... I will be making changes to the way I blog and upload pictures to my facebook page. Remember, nothing is official and I am not scheduling new clients at this time. Most of my photos will be of my boys and friends. Very candid and very "me". Hope you enjoy.