Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Meet Aubrey

Aubrey is pregnant.
But not only is she pregnant, she is hilarious and gorgeous and her smiles and laughs are contagious. She is so much fun and I thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of our session. Literally.

Meet Justin. Justin is married to Aubrey and he's just as much fun as she is. Together they are a GOOD time.

And meet Riley Faith. She's still baking a couple more months but we'll get to meet her soon and I know she'll be beautiful and funny just like her momma

Brand New Jettsen and his Gorgeous Big Sisters

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Welcome to the world Jettsen Azeel

I got the call that my best friend, Kyleigh had gone into labor at about 10 o clock. I had just laid down with Levi to try to get him to sleep but when I saw her number on called ID, I jumped up and knew right away it was time. Because Steve and I both knew if I were to run out the door, Levi would have never calmed down enough to fall asleep, we loaded the car (complete with Levi is his jammies with no shoes and his blanket) and I grabbed my camera on the way out.
A few hours later, Jettsen made his appearance. It was wonderful and beautiful and oh so emotional. Jordan and Kyleigh have two beautiful daughters and decided not to find out with their third child so when we all saw that he was a boy, it was overwhelming.

I was blessed and honored to be apart of such a beautiful moment. And I was glad I got to get a few pictures too :)

Thank you Kyleigh and Jordan for inviting me to be there. I love you and your beautiful 3 kids :)

Tiny hands. Tiny feet.

Earlier this week I took pictures for 6 day old, Emerick Woods. He was so tiny and absolutely adorable. He was a very happy baby (as long as he had that pacifier close by) and he was wide awake for most of the time. Such a sweet sweet baby.

Little Burrito Baby