Friday, August 31, 2012

And then there were 2

Its been Levi for so long. All about Levi. Every day, Levi. Everything in our life revolved around Levi. And then.... there was Little Bean (what we called Matthan while in my belly) and we transitioned our thinking into Levi AND another little person. I have to say, Levi took is so well. He sang to my belly every day. Yes, every day. He asked to be at the birth and he sat there (and played on the Ipad) while I labored at home for 55 hours. He held my hand while I was in the birthing tub. He watched Matthan come out and sang when we first held him in our arms. 
And then.... there were two. It was no longer just Levi. 
It was Levi and Matthan.
And this is summer as a mom of two, Im loving it. 

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